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Alex Fong Chung Sun

Medverkat till följande filmer...

Paris Holiday20152
Overheard 320142.5
Just Another Margin20142
Kung Fu Jungle20142.7
Be a Mother20123
The Lost Bladesman20112.7
Once a gangster20102.1
Triple Tap20102.8
Esquire Runway20082
If You Are the One20083.2
All About Women20083
Don't Open Your Eyes20062
Heavenly mission20062.7
Home Sweet Home20051.8
Mob Sister20053.2
Drink Drank Drunk20052.6
Crazy N' the City20052.9
Cop Unbowed20042
One Nite in Mongkok20043
Explosive City20042.8
The Death Curse20031.7
Devil Touch20022
Him Gok20012.8
The Cheaters20013
Double Tap20003.1
When I Fall in Love... with Both20001.8
Rules of the Game19993

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