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5 = This is not just a pretty good movie that you tweet about or something afterwards. This is the kind of movie where, after it's done, you walk out of the theater without saying anything, drive silently over to your friend's house (the one who didn't come with you because he had a paper to write or some bullshit like that), knock on his door, and when he opens, you slap him across the face. And I mean a hard slap, one that comes with enough force to knock your friend to the ground. And as he looks up at you, a solitary tear running down his increasingly reddening cheek, he sees the look of unadulterated rage in your eyes and realizes that he has missed what would have been the most important theatrical experience of his life- one that could have changed his life for the better, had he bothered to show up at the theater. And that night will be a dark one for him- full of soul-crushing doubt and fears that consume him, until the next morning, where he will be at the theater hours before it opens, a pile of tears and sadness that cannot be consoled until the next show starts.

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2022-01-16Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (2021)
2022-01-16Fantastiska vidunder: Grindelwalds brott (2018)
2022-01-15Fantastiska vidunder och var man hittar dem (2016)
2022-01-13Harry Potter 20-årsjubileum: Tillbaka till Hogwarts (2022)
2022-01-13The Suicide Squad (2021)
2022-01-09Black Friday (2021)
2022-01-02The Ice Road (2021)
2021-12-31The Matrix Resurrections (2021)
2021-12-28Don't Look Up (2021)
2021-12-20Silent Night (2021)

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"Finns filmer som har substans och lyckas va coola på vägen också finns det filmer som bara försöker göra coola scener. Det blir tyvärr väldigt krystat och i slutändan känns den varken häftig eller intressant."
Gunpowder Milkshake

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Modern Ozploitation


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